The Grace Effect - Week 1 - Introduced to Grace

September 16, 2018

Grace is simply getting what we don't deserve.  God has poured out his grace into our lives but is that where it stops? Shouldn't that grace flow into the relationships around us?  Pastor Ed begins a brand new series where we will learn what the Grace of God looks like as it affects our lives and those around us.


You Asked For It - Week 8 - Help my Unbelief

September 9, 2018

Do we believe God will do what He says He will do?  It is a challenge for all of us, but it is really a matter of faith.  So are we honest about how our faith is doing?  


You Asked For It - Week 7 - Helping without Hurting

September 2, 2018

According to a recent study Christians are twice as likely to believe a person in poverty is there because of effort and not circumstances.  The problem is you can't know that without knowing someone's story.  Pastor Ed looks at the story of the Good Samaritan for some advice on how to help without hurting.  


You Asked For It - Week 6 - Moving Towards Forgiveness

August 26, 2018

Forgiveness is easy to talk about but difficult to do.  Mostly because broken relationships are painful.  Pastor Ed helps us understand how to move towards forgiveness as Jesus asked us to. 


You Asked For It - Week 5 - Giving

August 19, 2018

We all the best of intentions when it come to being generous but we often don't live in that direction.  Pastor Ed is going to help us understand how we need to walk in a new direction so we don't just intend to be generous but we are generous. 


You Asked for it - Week 4 - Safe or Deep

August 12, 2018

Not everyone who was invited followed Jesus.  They had good intentions but ultimately didn't follow.  Why?  Listen as Pastor Ed describes the difference between Safe and Deep.  


You Asked For It - Week 3 Two for One

August 5, 2018

Pastor Ryan shares Two messages for the price of one. 


Partnership with Steve

July 29, 2018

We are so blessed to have Steve hear to share his testimony and calling.  Listen as he shares his story and the ministry God called him to. 


You Asked For It - Week 1 - Guard Your Heart

July 22, 2018

Why do we struggle to follow through with spiritual commitments?  Could it be we are following our heart and not guarding our hearts?  Pastor Ed helps us understand how to guard our hearts.


Sacred Bond Family Edition - Week 5 - Family of New Birth

July 15, 2018

Pastor Ed finishes our Sacred Bond series by looking at our Family of New Birth and how important it is to invite people to speak into our lives.