Atmosphere - Week 6 - Unity

November 20, 2017

Jesus prayed his church would be one.  We want to be a church that chooses unity and protects it.  


Atmosphere - Week - 5 - Talk To

November 13, 2017

Are you tired of having people talk about you instead of to you?  You are not alone.  We want to create a culture where we talk to people instead of about people.  Listen as Pastor Ed explains today.  


Atmosphere - Week 4 - RESPECT

November 6, 2017

Respect Everyone, Always.  This is the goal for all Christ's followers.  Listen as Pastor Ed encourages us to make this a reality at ICU Church.  


Atmosphere - Week - 3 Trust

October 30, 2017

Trust is something which is slowly gained but quickly lost.  It is an absolute necessity in a marriage and it is something which can create an incredible atmosphere in a church.  Listen as Pastor Ed explains how valuable trust is to our Atmosphere.  


Atmosphere - Week 2 - Pursue Excellence

October 23, 2017

We all give our best to something or someone but is it to the right thing?  God gave us His best and He deserves nothing less than ours.  We are going to be a church that gives God our best. 


Atmosphere - Week 1 - Take Risks

October 16, 2017

Every organization has an atmosphere, a culture which defines it.  All too often those come about by accident but we want to be intentional.  This series is all about what we want to create hre at ICU Church.  We want to be a church that takes risks for the sake of the Gospel. 


Address the Mess - Week 5 - Messy-er

October 9, 2017

Sometimes messes come with bad options which just make things messier.  So how do we keep a mess from becoming that?  Listen as Pastor Ed wraps up the Address the Mess series today.


Address the Mess - Week 2 - Best Mess Ever

September 18, 2017

God's answer to our mess isn't judgment rather it is grace.  Grace is God showing up and taking our place.  Grace is relational.  Grace is greater and more amazing than you ever thought.


Address the Mess - Week 1 - The Mess in the Mirror

September 11, 2017

We have something incredible in common.  We are all messes.  But the greater news is that the mess that brings us together is the mess that brought God near.  Today Pastor Ed starts a brand new series called "Address the Mess".


Our Church

September 4, 2017

We have had an incredible year but it's not over yet!!  Relationships and Partnerships are 2 words we want to use to frame the rest of the year.